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Stress and Managing Stress

Stress and Managing Stress

Dr. Jay Sordean talking about Stress and Managing Stress on KREM2 Spokane with Rose Beltz, Health News Reporter.

Stress and Stress Management, Because Stress is Pervasive

Stress is a response to external and internal changes in our environment and how we perceive of it.

We both react and respond to stressful situations.

“Reaction” is more automatic and unconscious.

“Response” is more mediated, less automatic, and tempered by conscious and learned beliefs and behaviors. Response modifies and can reduce a severe stress reaction like panic attacks.

There are several types of stress response and reactions:
• Mental
• Emotional
• Physical
• Spiritual
• Energetic

The deepest basis for our bodily reactions and responses to external and internal changes is our need to survive.

It is both our individual survival and our survival as a family, tribe, and species that drives stress behavior.

The survival stress reaction is called the “Fight or Flight” response. This is deeply seated in our survival brain and is body based. Strong hormones surge through the body and effect breathing, heart rate, digestion, thinking, emotions.

The most common stressors, according to statistics, are:
• Death of a loved one
• Divorce
• Loss of a job
• Increase in financial obligations
• Getting married
• Moving into a new home
• Chronic illness or injury
• Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)

Stressful, or even life-threatening situations include:
• Threat of physical harm
• Threat of freezing or of burning up
• Threat to our loved ones (children, parents, family, friends)
• Unhealthy living situation – like mold in a house
• Toxic relationships
• Changes in intimate relationships
• Divorce, break-up, infidelity
• Abusive relationships
• Toxic work environment (chemicals, people, activities)
• Negative self-talk

These are a few of the many solutions to help empower you to become stress-responsive versus simply stress-reactive

• Fixing up dangerous housing environment (mold abatement, getting rid of drug infested nuisance properties, reducing crime statistics with better job opportunities) (contact for help if you have bad homes in your neighborhood)
• Learning breathing exercises, visualization exercises, empowerment (like “fist pump”)
• Doing yoga, meditation, Tai Qi, Qi Gong (we can demonstrate that for you)
• Using BANK Code personality typing to communicate better with your loved ones or spouse (go to to get your free $97 value gift of a personality analysis from Dr. Jay)

Lead in School Water – Multipure the answer

Lead in School Water – Multipure the answer

Berkeley and Oakland and other schools in California have been found to have lead in school water and water fountains have been shut off. The presence of lead in school water at levels that the pediatric physician association considers dangerous is below the EPA standards. Installing Multipure water purification systems in the schools would be a great solution to the issue. However, how about the water in the HOMES of the students and teachers as well? If there is lead in school water, then for sure it is also in the tap water of homes. Multipure is the most well studied and qualified system that addresses not only lead in school water but also the industrial chemicals that also cause brain and body degeneration.

Is there much about this topic in the internet? Look below for a page one dump on the key word search “lead in school water california.”

Drinking lead: Why California may force all schools to test their water…/drinking-lead-why-california-may-force-all-schools…
Aug 22, 2017 – Daniel Wills, a plumber with the Los Angeles Unified School District Maintenance and Operations Branch repairs and replaces one of hundreds of old fountains that were found to have high levels of lead in the water at John H Francis Polytechnic Senior High in Sun Valley. (Nancy Pastor, for CALmatters).
Extreme level of lead at SF school gym fountain, among 30 taps failing ……/Extreme-level-of-lead-at-SF-school-gym-fountain-12318511.php
Nov 1, 2017 – A growing list of schools across the state are posting high levels of lead flowing out of faucets after the water crisis in Flint, Mich. — in which corrosion of pipes led to leaching of lead into the city water supply — led California officials to push for testing, especially in schools.
3 San Francisco public schools show high levels of lead in water ……/Three-San-Francisco-public-schools-show-high-12306785.p…
Oct 27, 2017 – Water samples from taps and drinking fountains at three San Francisco public schoolscontained elevated levels of lead, potentially exposing students to the toxic metal, district officials said Wednesday. District officials immediately shut down the taps and this week notified parents at West Portal and …
Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Childcare Facilities – EPA
May 19, 2017 – The 15 ppb action level for PWSs is therefore a trigger for treatment rather than a health-based or exposure level. EPA recommends that schools collect 250 ml first-draw samples fromwater fountains and outlets.
Why Are School Water Fountains So Susceptible to Lead Poisoning?

Multipure Independent Distributor ID# 432075 The Redwood Clinic…/Why-Are-School-Water-Fountains-So-Susceptible-to-Lead-Pois…
Jul 27, 2016 – New York is set to become the first state to require schools to regularly test their waterfor lead. But it’s far from the only place with the problem.
Lead, arsenic, copper found in drinking water at some NorCal schools…water-at…schools/13533575
Nov 13, 2017 – KCRA 3 tests water fountains at 24 Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley schools; these are the results.
Lead taints drinking water in hundreds of schools, day cares across USA…water-lead-schools…/81220916/
Mar 17, 2016 – Whenever Jamison Rich got thirsty after gym or recess, he took a drink from the nearestwater fountain at his elementary school. Only last month did his family learn that the water bubbling out of some fountains contained high levels of lead, a notorious toxin that can silently damage developing brains and …
Burbank Unified schools test negative for lead in water fountains ……/…
Jul 11, 2017 – Burbank parents can rest assured that their children will not be exposed to lead from any drinking fountain at any school in Burbank Unified. Burbank Water and Power recently published its 2016 annual Water Quality Report in the agency’s June 2017 issue of its Currents newsletter, which reported that …
Analyze This: Real data on lead levels in school drinking water ……/analyze-real-data-lead-levels-school-drinki…
Analyze This: Real data on lead levels in school drinking water. Monitoring for lead (as in these data) is an important part of identifying risks to health. Lillian Steenblik Hwang. May 3, 2017 — 12:00 pm EST.water fountain. Water that appears clear and clean can be unsafe if it contains high amounts of lead, a toxic metal.
School drinking water will be tested for lead — after filters are installed ……/school-drinking-water-will-be-tested-for-lead-after-filters-are…
Oct 27, 2017 – The Orleans Parish School Board is finally moving ahead with the filters. But it looks like they will not meet a self-imposed deadline to have them installed this fall. They plan to test water fountains and kitchen fixtures after the filters are installed. At that point, the tests are virtually guaranteed to show no lead …

Multipure Independent Distributor ID# 432075 The Redwood Clinic

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

New Year’s Resolutions 2018


Happy New Year!

I hope that this is the best year ever for you – your HEALTH, your PROSPERITY, your RELATIONSHIPS. It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions!

Like you, I do some reflection on the past year and then look to the future again.

So, this begins the second year in my new clinic location, 1720 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 94703.

My many clinical successes depend on you.  As always, I appreciate your support, your referrals, and your YELP and GOOGLE reviews.  With all three I am able to be there for you with the latest and best solutions to help you be the best you are.

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Did you set your New Year’s resolutions?

The new year is a great time to think about healthy weight loss, detoxification, and supportive relationships.  I have special programs that can help you with all three.

New Year's Resolutions

Mercury is Toxic

Links to Information are at the bottom of this page.

And with respect to Seasonality, Winter is a time of biological hibernation.  It is a great time to build up reserves of energy.  Blocked energy can prevent your organs from working well.  Acupuncture can help to get the Qi (CHI) moving so that it can be stored in the right places.  AND, water filtration can reduce the added pollutants from getting into your body, causing brain cell damage and degeneration.

Please call the office for your winter tune-up or for support in detoxification and weight loss.

I’m at the same number as for the last 25 years: 510-849-1176

Warm regards,


Dr. Jay Sordean


PS: If you haven’t had your personality report done to massively improve your communication style, please call us with your email so we can send you a $97 GIFT!

For weight loss guidance:

For detoxification guidance (it also helps with weight loss):

For supporting your relationship communication:

For preventing Alzheimer’s:

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors basketball team coach, is sidelined due to back pain. Maybe he didn’t know about Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco at The Redwood Clinic. In the EAST BAY TIMES today Steve Kerr is quoted as saying “It’s just discomfort and pain and it’s no fun. And I can tell you if you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem stay away from back surgery.” Dr. Jay Sordean has been helping patients avoid back surgery with his comprehensive evaluations and treatments. This is based on more than 33 years clinical experience. In fact, many of his patient avoided surgery that was suggested more than 20 years ago. They are still going strong. Their testimonials are found in various places on this website.

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

What makes acupuncture for back pain so effective at The Redwood Clinic? First of all, it starts with a thorough history and examination. Many other offices and

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

Acupuncture Expert in Portland Oregon

insurance plans allow only enough time for a cursory review. And, many others do not have the expertise to evaluate back pain problems properly. Especially when the dictates of payment schedules give a doctor no more than a couple of minutes to do the exam. Sorry, but so much is missed with the simplistic exams many offices do because they lack the thorough training and expertise that Dr. Jay has. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is true. There are so many reasons for back pain to occur, and to simply say it is a “bladder meridian” problem is a short change and is almost as symbolic as simply labelling the back pain as “sciatica.” Dr. Jay goes into greater discussion on some of the major causes in his introduction to acupuncture and back pain lecture found on youtube.

B= Blood circulation enhancement to speed up healing
A=activate the body’s own natural pain chemicals like endorphens and enkephalins,
C=Controlling the inflammatory response
K= Kicking dependence on opioid medication use

Safe Water Filtration

Safe Water Filtration

Water is essential for life. Safe water is essential to promote health. Contaminated water can damage health in so many ways. Thus, it is important to make sure that the water you drink is not contaminated. Safe water filtration is the key. No matter where you live. And now more than ever.

I know, you are saying that you have a water filter. I applaud you for making that decision. But is your water filter actually filtering out everything it should, or is the filtering just cosmetic? Quite likely it is failing, because most do not pass muster with NSF standards. In fact, Multipure is the only one that passes for a combination of more than 8 problem ingredients put together. And your water might have all 8 (or more) at once.

Do you live in a place that ever has major national disasters? Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes? A safe water source is vital for emergencies. We even have those at multipure (  Multipure Independent Distributor ID: 432075

Winter is the WATER ELEMENT season in Chinese Medicine. So let’s look more in-depth into how to get your water really clean to promote excellent health.

Safe Water Treatment

Susan B. Koemen Donation Version of System

As you know, The Redwood Clinic has promoted the sale and use of Multipure filtration systems for more than 25 years. Because we believe they are doing what all filtration systems should do, and they are backed up by independent laboratory testing of contamination removal.

If you are a quick decision maker, just go to our online store and order your system now.


Are you a Safe Water Filtration GEEK? Here are the DETAILS!!

Multipure Drinking Water Systems utilize Multipure’s innovative and proprietary Solid Carbon Block-based filter. This filter employs multiple components and materials to reduce the presence of a wide variety of contaminants in water.

Mechanical Filtration: The water passes through a pre-filter that traps dirt, sand, and particles that affect the taste and overall appearance of the water. After passing through the pre-filter, the water then passes through the Solid Carbon Block, where particles as small as 0.5 microns are physically trapped by the filter. Asbestos, cysts, and particulates are reduced through mechanical filtration at the sub-micron level.

Electrokinetic Adsorption: The pre-filter acquires a positive molecular charge as water passes through it. Since most contaminants exhibit a negative charge in water, the filter fibers electrokinetically attract these negatively-charged particles onto the positively-charged filter surface. Generally, these particles are too small to be trapped by mechanical filtration.

Physiochemical Adsorption: The carbon block filter is a blend of selected activated carbons and other media that reduce aesthetic contaminants and health-related contaminants by adsorbing particles to its surface. Because the carbon block is densely compacted, it provides a longer contact time with the water, and thus, better performance than many other filtration technologies.

Nationally recognized standards established for the drinking water treatment industry confirm that the most effective systems for the removal of both aesthetic and harmful contaminants are those that utilize Solid Carbon Block filters. Multipure is the original developer of Solid Carbon Block technology and has been the leader and innovator in the water treatment industry since 1970. Multipure, and its remarkable Solid Carbon Block filter, is synonymous with superior quality and exceptional innovation. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you are guaranteed the best.

Multipure Independent Distributor ID: 432075

Adsorption vs. Absorption

Multipure filtration utilizes a process called adsorption. Adsorption differs from the more commonly known absorption; adsorption refers to the transfer of the particles of a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid onto a surface, while absorption refers to the incorporation of a solid, liquid or gas into another solid, liquid, or gas.

The Multipure filter uses adsorption to transfer contaminants onto the filter’s surface and remove it from the water stream. The water itself is temporarily absorbed by the filter material (much like a sponge absorbing water), but the contaminants are adsorbed to the filter surface, creating a layer on the surface as it is removed from the water stream.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems
The innovative Multipure design is certified, registered, and/or listed by:

•  NSF International
•  All states that regulate drinking water treatment devices
o  California Department of Health Services
o  Iowa Department of Public Health
o  State of Wisconsin – Bureau of Building Water Systems, Research & Products Review Unit


Thanksgiving Tips for Positivity – BANK CODE

Thanksgiving Tips for Positivity – BANK CODE

Thanksgiving Tips for Positivity. Why talk about this? Well, holidays can be a time of stress due to miscommunication, old resentments and bad memories, familial conflicts, and conversations about politics!!!! Use this “Positivity Game” format to cut through to the humanity that we all share.

How do we do this? Start with a little game to tell others that you notice and care about them. The “positivity game” is the basis for this activity you can do at your holiday gathering.  This game is explained in the linked video.  Do this game first. It is not difficult.  Practice it — the key is to honestly say something you like about the other person.  Then, if you are receiving that positive message, you SIMPLY say “Thank you.”  Only acknowledge their compliment by saying “Thank you.” (Don’t try to devalue what they say by explaining it away.  This will be difficult for some people to do.)

You start out with the traditional “positivity game.” Then do the BANK CODE positivity game — newly invented for this holiday season!

In this version, we play the positivity game and incorporating in the person’s BANK CODE.  So now, everyone figures out their BANK CODE online at (Click on the links to go to the BANK PASS website to play the cards). After sorting the cards online, you fill in your info and then press submit to get your personality analysis results.

Next, you all compare what your First and second codes are.thanksgiving tips B.A.N.K. Code Then, one by one, you read a couple of the things your read in your code that you like. The next person in line says, “Yes, you are ____”, saying one of the things you said. The next person then says the few things about themselves on their BANK CODE email that they agree with, and the person next to them says, “Yes, you are….” You do this around the group until everyone has had a chance to be acknowledged.

Thanksgiving tips for PositivityHolidays can be a time of stress due to miscommunication, old resentments and bad memories, familial conflicts, and conversations about politics!!!! Use this “Positivity Game” format to cut through to the humanity that we all share.


ALS and neurologic relief center technique — a new approach

ALS and Neurologic Relief Center Technique — A new Approach

ALS is short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, named after the famous athlete. This debilitating disease causes the nerves to the muscles to atrophy, thus the muscles atrophy. Dr. Jay has worked with several patients with ALS but that was before he started using NRCT. Now there is some anecdotal evidence that ALS might respond to NRCT in combination with other functional medicine approachs that Dr. Jay uses at The Redwood Clinic for the functional medicine patients.

Read this story from another NRCT clinic. Then call The Redwood Clinic should it sound familiar.

NRCT Results with an ALS patient

Note: While this is a testimonial from the office of another practitioner, Dr. Kevin Saiz, the methods used are the same as I use in my office but without using the NRCT chiropractic adjustment, rather the vector process. I am excited that we are doing so much to help so many people, even those with ALS.

ALS and NRCT Berkeley AcupuntureHello, my name is Megan and I am 36 years old. I’m writing to share my experience with the NRC Technique thus far. My situation is unique because I have ALS. I was diagnosed in October 2015. My symptoms started about two and half years ago when my right hand seemed to just stop working. I had carpel tunnel surgery, cubital tunnel surgery, and later radial tunnel surgery. These procedures helped but I never regained function like I should have. Shortly after the last surgery my left hand started to weaken as well. This time I requested the surgeon have a different neurologist evaluate me. It was during the next EMG by a new and more competent neurologist that it became clear there was something more seriously wrong with me. After several more EMGs, a complete physical examination by yet another neurologist, a muscle biopsy, and bloodwork to exclude alternate causes, I received the diagnosis of ALS. This diagnosis was confirmed by the Professor of Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine seven days later. Of course, I was told no real treatments exist.

When I came to see Dr. Saiz a few weeks ago it was not for ALS but for a painful shoulder. He immediately started to tell me about the NRC Technique he had learned and how he would like to try it on me. I figured I had nothing to lose so we got started on the test. I don’t recall anything remarkable happening during the test but when it was over I was able to move my right arm about four inches further behind my back that I could when I walked in the door. I also had an unexplainable ear to ear grin. That was enough to get me interested.

A couple days later, he performed the first adjustment. My feet flew about a foot up off of the exam table! I have had plenty of chiropractic adjustments and this has never ever happened before. When I left that day my right bicep was tingling with a pins-and¬needles feeling for about five minutes. A few times this sensation darted down to my right thumb (which is mainJy decorative at this point). But the really interesting thing occurred that evening. When I went to get out of the bathtub that night, I got my feet under me and … I stood up! This is significant because I have not been able to get up from a squat for 6 to 9 months. My newfound ability didn’t last long. I think it was gone by the next day. However, by the end of that week’s adjustments I was able to stand up from a squatting position for about three days following the last adjustment.

I am now eight adjustments into this process. The ability to get up from a squat is my most obvious marker of improvement. I am trying to find other functions/movements and evaluate if they are improving as well. Yesterday, I thought to see if I could stand on one leg. I could! I can balance on the other leg as well. For many months now, whenever I’m getting dressed I have made sure to lean against the bed because my balance was not predictable. I have also noticed that my walking, my gait, is more natural after a NRCT adjustment. Before the adjustments, I could still walk but it always felt awkward. Each step didn’t feel strong and sometimes it felt like my feet were flapping when they hit the ground. I had to ‘think’ about walking. Yesterday, however, I walked about three-quarter of a mile with my family and then showed off to my neighbor how I could balance on each leg!

To be completely honest, I have also been seeing a naturopathic doctor who ‘prescribed’ dietary changes and homeopathic remedies. While these changes greatly improved my energy and sense of well-being, they were not having any effect on my function. In fact, my function seemed to be very slowly slipping. But it is pretty hard to argue with the clear results that I have received from the NRCT adjustments. I’m very hopeful to see what else will come as I continue these treatments. Will these adjustments work for other ALS patients? Who knows … ? But it would be nice to find out.

Megan M.”


Functional Medicine: What it is and Why do you want it?

Functional Medicine: What it is and Why do you want it?

Functional Medicine: Just exactly what is it? How is it different from conventional medicine? Why Functional Medicinemight you want to work with a functional medicine practitioner like Jay Sordean? This video explains it in full detail as Dr. Jay narrates and describes some of the distinguishing characteristics of this and how it differs from conventional medicine.

Dr. Jay has been studying and practicing functional medicine for the past 30 years. Learn about this medicine, focused on functional capacity in the body, in ways you may never have thought about it.

Additional resources can be heard at

Learn about how the functioning of the body degenerates and how that leads to malfunction, disease, and THEN symptoms.



Water is an important part of your body’s functioning.  What happens to your function when your water is toxic?  Click on this link to learn more:

Stress, trauma and toxicity are 3 of the most important causes of degenerating health.  These each lead to decreased vitality and organ function, increasing inflammation and causing the body to have to work harder to repair damaged tissues.  Call the office at 510-849-1176 to find out what we can do to help you regain your health.


Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay – New Posts

Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay – New Posts

There are several new posts at our podcasting blog, Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay. Please go there and check them out!

A recent post about Active for Alzheimers is both a podcast and video.