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Is your brain Shrinking?

Is Your Brain Shrinking?

What You Need to Know by guest author
Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S.

[Editor’s Note: I have been teaching this for decades and it is one of the key factors I mention in all of my television appearances as a medical expert]

Many of you reading this short article already know that hemoglobin A1C is extremely useful revealing what the “average” blood sugar has been over the previous ninety days.

This is the same standard laboratory measurement used to measure blood sugar control in diabetics.

What many people may not be aware of is the fact that hemoglobin A1C has important implications for your brain health.

In a landmark study published in the journal Neurology, the researchers documented that elevated hemoglobin A1C is associated with changes in brain size.

The study showed researchers looking at MRIs to determine which lab test correlated best with brain atrophy and found that the hemoglobin A1C demonstrated the most powerful relationship.

They commented, “when comparing the degree of brain tissue loss in those individuals with the lowest hemoglobin A1C (4.4 to 5.2) to those having the highest hemoglobin A1C (5.9 to 9.0), the brain loss in those individuals with the highest hemoglobin A1C was almost doubled during a six-year period.

Is Your Brain Shrinking?

Hemoglobin A1C and Brain Atrophy
Hemoglobin A1C and Brain Atrophy
This profound study strongly indicates that hemoglobin A1C is far more than just a marker of blood sugar balance.

The good news is in most cases you have absolute control over your A1C.

An ideal hemoglobin A1C would be in the 4.8 to 5.4 range. Keep in mind that reducing carbohydrate ingestion, weight loss, and physical exercise will ultimately improve insulin sensitivity and lead to a reduction of hemoglobin A1C.

Dr. Jay Sordean has studied and practiced functional medicine for the last 3 decades. His lectures on the subject can be found on youtube. If you are interested in studying functional medicine, click on this link to FMU76. Compliments from Functional Medicine University
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What steps can we take to help patients regain nueroplasticity? You might be surprise by the answer. Dr. Datis Kharrazian explains on the

What steps can we take to help patients regain nueroplasticity? You might be surprise by the answer. Dr. Datis Kharrazian explains on the Functional Forum.
#functionalforum #goevomed Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is one of Dr. Jay Sordean’s teachers of many years.

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Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern


Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern.

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Multipure believes that one of the most effective ways to improve your health and the health of your family is to improve the quality of your drinking water. By using our industry-leading solid carbon block filters, we provide a way to reduce contaminants that affect the taste, appearance, and quality of drinking water.
Hypnotherapy and Health
By providing a means to improve available drinking water at an affordable cost, Multipure is doing its part to reduce the waste inherent in disposable bottled water and lessen its environmental impact. For over 40 years, Multipure has been a green company, promoting eco-friendly solutions to everyday issues. Through innovation and responsibility, Multipure will continue to promote the health and wellness of the planet and its people.

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Foundational Nutrition Organic Food and Multipure Water

Foundational Nutrition Organic Food and Multipure Water

(NOTE: Thoughts induced by sitting in a workshop on Morphogenic Field Technique on Saturday March 17, 2018)

Our food and foundational nutrition is the basis for our health. We put things into our body and the body has to rely on that for nutrition. Organic is important in food selection as other foods are more laden with pesticides, herbicides, and genetic components from bacterial and viruses. The latter are found in the genetically modified organism’s (GMO) DNA. (Let’s talk more about this topic of Foundational Nutrition Organic Food and Multipure Water.)

East Bay Water - Cancer Causing Contaminants

Susan B. Koemen Donation Version of System

Funny that we have to classify foods as “organic” or not, because before the advent of artificial and synthetic pesticides and herbicides being used on agricultural lands and plants. Before the creation and use of those artificial and synthetic chemicals, ALL food was organic.
Genetically engineered wheat was first created in 1970. Prior to that there was organic wheat. Now, it is much harder to find non-engineered wheat.

The GMOs were designed to make pesticides and herbicides more effective. A primary one that the plant DNA has been modified for is ROUND-UP. And that agricultural poison has been around a long long time. It was becoming less effective and more was being used. Then the toxicity concentrations increased to the point that quick symptoms developed and regulatory standards were being violated. So the professional agricultural industry combined pesticide and herbicide chemistry with Genetic chemistry in the plant. But we are actually using 1500 times more Round-up now than was ever originally improved. FIFTEEN HUNDRED TIMES!

Where are the pesticides and herbicides? The goal is to have them applied just to the plant and the field. However, they are applied in an aerosolized form, and so they are floating in the air and get carried by weather to a very large area beyond the field.

Thus, we are all exposed to pesticides and herbicides, if for no other reason that we all occupy space and breathe air. Of course, we don’t want to introduce pesticides and herbicides in our body. They are not organic and they are not good for our body. Period. So, while we can’t avoid the chemicals in the air and soil we move over and through, we can try to avoid the pesticides and herbicides still on the plants (and in the animal products we eat that also ate plants).

Foundational Nutrition Organic Food and Multipure Water

So, the whole point of this is to remind each of us, you and me, that the basis of health and health care starts with foundational nutrition. Water is also a foundational nutrition. My purpose as a natural medicine doctor is to help you achieve optimal health and vitality. That is why I say “Eat as organically as you can afford.” And “Use a Multipure Filtration System to keep the toxins in tap water out of your body.”

Those two points are foundational medicine. Every medical practitioner and organization should be using these principles as the first thing they suggest to you for health care.

You can get your Multipure Filtration System through this office by ordering at or calling us at 510-849-1176. Multipure Independent Distributor ID#: 432075


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Ever wonder how Multipure tests the contaminant-reduction performance of our industry-leading Drinking Water Systems and carbon block filte


Ever wonder how Multipure tests the contaminant-reduction performance of our industry-leading Drinking Water Systems and carbon block filters? Multipure President Zachary Rice offers a quick peek behind the scenes at the Multipure testing lab.

Multipure Independent Distributor ID# 432075 The Redwood Clinic
Multipure Independent Distributor ID# 432075 The Redwood Clinic

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Brain Health is number one for health in general.  And brain health is vital for controlling and regulating all specifics of health.  After all, it is your brain that is reading this right now!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Alma Via of San Rafael Benefit Talk for Alzheimer’s Association Part 1 – Part 3

Alma Via of San Rafael and Shirley McElhatten sponsored a benefit talk for the Alzheimer’s Association on Wednesday August 30, 2017. They invited Dr. Jay to speak about how to Maximize your BRAIN HEALTH based on his clinical experience, two bestselling books, and more than 20 appearances on local TV in his mission to prevent a million cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The lively and engaged attendees, as well as the amazingly beautiful and delicious buffet by the chef of Alma Via, made for a very successful event. You can still make donations to the Alzheimer’s Association through Alma Via of San Rafael – donator’s received a copy of one (or both) of Dr. Jay’s books on the brain and dementia. and Information about Alma Via of San Rafael is found at and by contacting Shirley at 415.491.1900 ext. 602.
Dr. Jay can be reached at

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

How your brain works in this respect is discussed also in Dr. Jay’s books related to helping you save your brain. They can be obtained here:

Maximize Your Brain Health

Acupuncture Expert in Portland Oregon

To order either of the bestselling books by Dr. Jay Sordean, go to:   and

For information about brain evaluation and treatments, and Dr. Jay’s “B.R.A.I.N. H.E.A.L.T.H. Program” go to

There are many resources Dr. Jay and The Redwood Clinic have to offer you for improving brain health and brain wealth.  These include the podcast interviews at where many of the interviews are related to brain health, how to avoid ending up in memory care communities, and the cost of brain degeneration to individuals and communities alike.



PTSD and NRCT may have a strong connection. This is something I have been stating for years since I first became trained in NRCT.

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. NRCT stands for Neurologic Relief Center Technique.

CTE - Chronic Traumatic EncephalopathyAn example of one of the causes of PTSD is participating in battles and war. Numerous soldiers return with PTSD and many of them take a long time to get a diagnosis because they are in denial or the military will not come up with the diagnosis of PTSD.

When I first learned of the concussion effects of explosions

Detoxification and Brain Care

Dr. Jay on Chicago TV

I immediately thought of the impact they would have on the meninges. The meninges surround the brain and the spinal cord and are the protective barrier surrounding them like a wet suit on a scuba diver. Explosion concussion waves effect the entire body — the meninges and the nervous system especially. However, all of the muscles and other organs are impacted as well. We are talking about an explosion that does not actually cause some bleeding or loss of limbs. Those, of course, are even more traumatic.

There is a discussion of PTSD and war this week on PBS.

WAR on the BRAIN a series on Public Broadcasting System. You can learn more about that series by going to this link.

I have discussed meningeal compression and NRCT extensively in my two books on the brain. These are also discussed on pages in this website.

Upper Extremity Pain and Numbness: NRCT Treatment at Berkeley Acupuncture, Jay Sordean

Dr. Jay’s Winter Season talk at EBAR BNI: Stress Trauma Toxicity: Acupuncture/NRCT in Berkeley

NRCT – Neurologic Relief Center Technique

Post Concussion Syndrome / Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

NRCT-FAQs Neurologic Relief Center Technique Facts

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are just one kind of fat. There are many (thousands, actually) types of fats. There are many ways that fats are analyzed chemically and classified by biochemists and nutritionists.

Research tells us that different fats either help or hurt your health and body functioning.

For example, rancid fats and trans fats are not good for your body.

We all need fats in our diet to live and flourish. Fats are one of the 3 primary food components, with the other two being proteins and carbohydrates. But you already know that.

The last 10 or so years the fish oils (deep sea) has received a resurgence of attention and popularity in the healthy eating literature and movement.   Part of this is based on the antiinflammatory properties some of the fish oil components have.  The cardiovascular risk reducing effects of Omega-3 fatty acids has become well know.  Largely due to the fact that a leading cause of death in the US is heart attacks and strokes.

You might already be taking omega-3 fatty acids as a supplement or eating portions of fish like salmon more frequently based on this information.

NOT ALL OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENTS ARE THE SAME.  Not all of them are healthy.  Please watch the video attached to this blog post to learn cutting-edge (and advanced basic) knowledge relevant to optimizing your health.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible to optimize their health so they can fulfill their purposes in life.  We offer this video in that spirit.

Call us at The Redwood Clinic +1-510-849-1176 to order supplements mentioned in the video.

We have numerous other videos at this website and online that complement the content in this video.

Our podcast is also a great way to learn about caring for your health.


ALS and neurologic relief center technique — a new approach

ALS and Neurologic Relief Center Technique — A new Approach

ALS is short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, named after the famous athlete. This debilitating disease causes the nerves to the muscles to atrophy, thus the muscles atrophy. Dr. Jay has worked with several patients with ALS but that was before he started using NRCT. Now there is some anecdotal evidence that ALS might respond to NRCT in combination with other functional medicine approachs that Dr. Jay uses at The Redwood Clinic for the functional medicine patients.

Read this story from another NRCT clinic. Then call The Redwood Clinic should it sound familiar.

NRCT Results with an ALS patient

Note: While this is a testimonial from the office of another practitioner, Dr. Kevin Saiz, the methods used are the same as I use in my office but without using the NRCT chiropractic adjustment, rather the vector process. I am excited that we are doing so much to help so many people, even those with ALS.

ALS and NRCT Berkeley AcupuntureHello, my name is Megan and I am 36 years old. I’m writing to share my experience with the NRC Technique thus far. My situation is unique because I have ALS. I was diagnosed in October 2015. My symptoms started about two and half years ago when my right hand seemed to just stop working. I had carpel tunnel surgery, cubital tunnel surgery, and later radial tunnel surgery. These procedures helped but I never regained function like I should have. Shortly after the last surgery my left hand started to weaken as well. This time I requested the surgeon have a different neurologist evaluate me. It was during the next EMG by a new and more competent neurologist that it became clear there was something more seriously wrong with me. After several more EMGs, a complete physical examination by yet another neurologist, a muscle biopsy, and bloodwork to exclude alternate causes, I received the diagnosis of ALS. This diagnosis was confirmed by the Professor of Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine seven days later. Of course, I was told no real treatments exist.

When I came to see Dr. Saiz a few weeks ago it was not for ALS but for a painful shoulder. He immediately started to tell me about the NRC Technique he had learned and how he would like to try it on me. I figured I had nothing to lose so we got started on the test. I don’t recall anything remarkable happening during the test but when it was over I was able to move my right arm about four inches further behind my back that I could when I walked in the door. I also had an unexplainable ear to ear grin. That was enough to get me interested.

A couple days later, he performed the first adjustment. My feet flew about a foot up off of the exam table! I have had plenty of chiropractic adjustments and this has never ever happened before. When I left that day my right bicep was tingling with a pins-and¬needles feeling for about five minutes. A few times this sensation darted down to my right thumb (which is mainJy decorative at this point). But the really interesting thing occurred that evening. When I went to get out of the bathtub that night, I got my feet under me and … I stood up! This is significant because I have not been able to get up from a squat for 6 to 9 months. My newfound ability didn’t last long. I think it was gone by the next day. However, by the end of that week’s adjustments I was able to stand up from a squatting position for about three days following the last adjustment.

I am now eight adjustments into this process. The ability to get up from a squat is my most obvious marker of improvement. I am trying to find other functions/movements and evaluate if they are improving as well. Yesterday, I thought to see if I could stand on one leg. I could! I can balance on the other leg as well. For many months now, whenever I’m getting dressed I have made sure to lean against the bed because my balance was not predictable. I have also noticed that my walking, my gait, is more natural after a NRCT adjustment. Before the adjustments, I could still walk but it always felt awkward. Each step didn’t feel strong and sometimes it felt like my feet were flapping when they hit the ground. I had to ‘think’ about walking. Yesterday, however, I walked about three-quarter of a mile with my family and then showed off to my neighbor how I could balance on each leg!

To be completely honest, I have also been seeing a naturopathic doctor who ‘prescribed’ dietary changes and homeopathic remedies. While these changes greatly improved my energy and sense of well-being, they were not having any effect on my function. In fact, my function seemed to be very slowly slipping. But it is pretty hard to argue with the clear results that I have received from the NRCT adjustments. I’m very hopeful to see what else will come as I continue these treatments. Will these adjustments work for other ALS patients? Who knows … ? But it would be nice to find out.

Megan M.”