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Get rapid and effective Acupuncture and Natural Medicine results Best of Berkeley 2014 Acupuncturistwithout medications and side effects.  Learn how you might benefit by watching the videos below, hear Dr. Jay Sordean30+ years clinical experience and local TV expert with news appearances on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and CW as a natural medical professional  — address issues related to your health care desires in the videos below. In addition to the issues of memory, stress, trauma, and toxicity discussed, you can find about how we can help you with other health issues you are concerned about. Sign up for our free guide to choosing the right acupuncturist for you here as well.  Our acupuncture and natural medicine clinic in Berkeley might be answer you have been looking for for so long.

Results and Benefits You Receive by Coming for Acupuncture & Natural Medicine at The Redwood Clinic in Berkeley:

– Improved health, symptom-relief, functional restoration and energy boost through your individualized, warm and clinical experience with acupuncture and natural medicine

– Fast and safe results based on long-term study of, and clinical experience with, acupuncture, natural and Western medicine

–  A team-approach relationship with your personal health advisor

–  A listening clinician and healer who hears your health issues — physical, emotional, and spiritual

– Necessary Reports, including expert medical insurance, worker’s compensation injury, car accident and QME reports that exceed standards

-Education on health, decreased function, disease, and symptoms and how you can be brought to optimal functioning with what we provide and what you need

-Preventative Screenings and education to help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases

Dr. Jay Sordean, Lac, OMD, QME, Gen. Mgr.My name is Dr. Jay Sordean and I am here, first and foremost, to help you.  I’m a professional acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritional therapist, homeopath, and wellness consultant with over 30 years of experience. I have dedicated my time and energy to this work because I love helping people get better with natural methods. Allow me to put my clinical expertise and talents to work for you to help you regain your life and recover from illness.  This is why we say “Take the Natural Path to Optimal Health” at The Redwood Clinic.

(If you have questions, our FAQs below might have the answers. Just click and read or watch!)

Visit our PODCAST called “Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay” to learn about brain health, health in general, and what is new and cutting edge in the assisted living and memory care fields.

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