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Acupuncture Berkeley — and Even More

Acupuncture Berkeley: As one of the best and most stable acupuncture clinics in Berkeley, many people come in to our office from even miles away.  They get great help with their specific complaint or problem. We believe in addressing that particular issue (and even more!). Relief from that complaint may be all that someone wants; we respect that and will help bring that relief. But is that really the full potential of what we can offer people? Not even close.

IMG_5077Because there is always an underlying imbalance or dysfunction that is causing that symptom. Correction of the underlying imbalance or deficiency is the most appropriate goal when health and well-being is the aim of the patient. Thus, on the first and subsequent visits, we take a wholistic approach to serve you best in providing relief and then vitality to last a lifetime.

In some acute cases, looking at the particular complaint may be all that is needed. However, the small complaint may be pointing to a deeper constitutional issue which, if not addressed, will lead to bigger problems down the road. The particular complaint may just be a warning sign; removing that sign can leave a bigger danger to develop later down the road. Your health can degenerate to the point that reversal is very difficult, if not impossible.

IMG_5079So wholistic approaches look at many aspects of the person: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental. Our approach of functional medicine and interlocking systems provides a more thorough understanding of health and correction of imbalance. Try out the best acupuncturist in Berkeley.

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