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Acupuncture treatments at our acupuncture and natural medicine clinic are known to be rejuvenating, replenishing and relaxing. Many often say that they have been life changing.

Acupuncture Treatment Room

Treatment Room

The transformation you also might experience could change your life from just getting by to regaining your health. You are revitalized, so you are thriving and excited about life again. There are many conditions and health problems that you might come in with. We might also be able to help you get the results you are seeking and haven’t found with other acupuncturists or doctors. A list of some of the conditions we have helped can be found at our Conditions We Treat page.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Well Baby

How acupuncture works has been described traditionally as an unceasing flow of life energy (Chi) throughout the human body. This vital energy originates mostly from the major organs and nervous system. Evidence for this has been found in scientific studies.
When the energy is healthy, it is flowing smoothly and is in balance in all your organs. When that happens, you will be healthy. If the balance is disturbed, then you will feel ill or in pain or simply “off.” Your doctor may say you are perfectly fine according to lab tests, but you just know something is not right. That is the “Chi” talking to you.

There are some specific points in the flows of energy that we call acupuncture points; these are places where the energy flow can be stimulated and the function of related organs can be regulated and improved.

This explanation is hard for some people to understand. However, scientific researchers have shown specific physiological changes during and following acupuncture. These include a strengthening of the immune system, the release of pain-killing endorphins, improved blood circulation, and better functioning of the hormonal system.

Please also watch our explanation of how acupuncture works on youtube.

What to Expect During Your Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture and massage


First of all, you will be seen by an experienced clinician with decades of experience. You will have the expertise of a doctor who has been practicing acupuncture continuously – who have been here for patients day in and day out.
The initial visit is more comprehensive to better understand your health history. For your follow-up acupuncture treatments, Dr. Jay will do a brief follow-up evaluation of your system by by asking you questions about how you feel. He may ask to feel your pulse, not just to check its speed, but to judge its condition from a functional perspective. He may also examine your tongue- size, shape, color, and texture. All can reveal much about your health. He may also perform some other testing, such as orthopedic tests. These evaluate your muscular-skeletal condition or injury. The more comprehensive the evaluation, the more time and expertise it takes.

Treatment can start only after this exam. We only use disposable needles. The needles are as thin as human hair and are tapped in through a tiny tube. The needles are left in while you relax in your own comfortable room with soothing background sounds of music or therapeutic guided imagery. Most patients go into a state of deep relaxation and some even fall asleep due to the endorphins which are released during the treatment. In areas where the muscles are especially tight, electrodes may be attached to the needles. The electrical current provides an inperceptibe yet steady vibration to the tight muscles, creating a gentle massage-like experience.
You may also need NRCT, range of motion exercise, moxibustion or cupping to improve circulation. Herbal and other natural remedies may be needed to complement your treatments.

How often do I need Treatments?

Because each patient is unique, the number and frequency of treatments will vary from patient to patient. Some symptoms are relieved after the first treatment, while others may take four to ten treatments. While a specific problem is being worked on, you may visit your acupuncturist once or twice a week, and gradually reduce the frequency to once or twice a month. To simply maintain good health, you may limit your treatments to once every season – four times a year.

If you have any questions at all about acupuncture, please watch our FAQs and get a copy of our Consumer’s Guide to Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

Acupuncture Services in Albany, Kensington, Emeryville, Oakland CA

Acupuncture Brain Health

Acupuncture Expert in Portland Oregon

The Redwood Clinic and Berkeley Neurologic Relief Center was founded in 1997. Dr. Jay, who is General Manager and Clinical Director, has been licensed since 1983 and has been a positive influence in the acupuncture and local business communities since 1983. This clinic is one of the first alternative medicine clinics in Berkeley and the only one with specialty training and treatment in NRCT.

We look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Acupuncture Good For?

Acupuncture Back pain

Acupuncture for Back Pain and Fibromyalgia

Can we say “EVERYTHING!”  Yes.  And almost everyone responds to acupuncture treatments.

Because Chinese medicine is about balance, and symptoms stem from an imbalanced body, we treat just about anything; gynecology to autoimmune issues to pain management.
Systems we work with include:

• Brain Fog  •Memory Issues
• Fertility Challenges
• Pain Management
• Autoimmune issues
• Migraines and Headaches
• Digestive Issues
• Sleep challenges
• Immune System Issues
• Gynecological Problems
• Emotional Wellness (Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, Depression)
• Allergies • Asthma
• Dizziness
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Side effects of Cancer Treatments
• In Adults and Children…To name a few…

Get in-depth information on specific conditions by going to our page in this website: Conditions we Treat