Company Wellness Programs

Company Wellness Programs: Best Practices for All Types of Organizations

Are you looking to improve the health of your employees and executives?  Would you like to reduce work injury costs, absenteeism, presenteeism, and premiums?  There are key factors that make a company wellness program achieve those results, and most programs do not address them adequately according to industry-wide surveys.  On the other hand, when all of the key factors are addressed, success is more likely. Best practices for Company Wellness Programs is what you get.


Dr. Oz and Dr. Jay Sordean

Dr. Jay Sordean with Dr. Oz and Drs. Brittner

Our consultants have extensive Company Wellness Program experience for assisting employers with solving Health, Safety and Welfare HR matters. We primarily provide services in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. However, we also have the ability to work at a statewide and national level as local representatives of an affiliated non-profit, the Foundation for Wellness Professionals. Dr. Jay Sordean is also a Preferred Provider Certified in Wellness Programs. We offer our “Wellness Improvement NOW!” (W.I.N.) program. Information on this is partially covered in the following video:

How does YOUR company compare with others? Get our Report on Company Wellness Programs

Because we offer a very effective and unique company wellness program, we wanted to survey companies to see what they were actually doing with respect to their current wellness programs.  You can still participate in our online wellness program survey. You may get our Interim Results Report by contacting us with your name and email address. We have also included some other resources, including raw data from our surveys and information from other research centers.  In addition, you may call us at 510-849-1176 about an on-site consultation to review your current program and how it can be enhanced.

Corporate Wellness Presentations

Presentations have included  Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Programs, at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, and Emerville Chamber of Commerces as well as in governmental agencies and publicly-traded and non-profit companies and organizations.

Established in 1997, and a member of NCHRA, The Redwood Clinic is widely used by a variety of Business owners, HR Departments, and CFOs. We provide high quality Corporate / Company Wellness programs that generate results by reducing Workers Compensation costs, improving employee productivity, health and morale. Please fill out our Survey on Wellness Programs and receive results on how your business compares with its peers.

A sampling of The Redwood Clinic’s Programs:
Wellness Programs for reducing Workers’ Compensation costs
“Lunch and Learn” Lecture Series (now over 40 topics and growing)
The Three Solutions to Your Health Problems
Enhancing Health and Eliminating Stress
New Ways to Eliminate Pain
Natural Solutions for Lower Back Pain
New Solutions for Repetitive Strain Injuries
Safe Remedies for Depression and Insomnia
Natural Solutions for Headache Pain
Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss
Natural Solutions for Handling Arthritis
New Ways to Ease Allergies
Online Health and Wellness Surveys (Individual and Organizational level)
Wellness Days
• Customer Appreciation Day
• Employee Appreciation Day
• On-site Massage Events for Employee Morale

The National Business Group on Health states: “81% of American businesses with more than 50 employees now have some form of health improvement or wellness program. For those companies which promote exercise, good nutrition, and weight loss, the savings are significant.” We provide fascinating case studies for your perusal. Please contact us for further details.

Executive Health Programs

We have developed a unique health optimization program that is open to all patients. This is a unique and exclusive program for the busy and high level executive. Our top Ievel program evaluates your health and body functioning with the assistance of comprehensive standardized tests as well as comprehensive specialized and cutting edge testing procedures that are not covered by insurance plans.  Patients pay up-front for the extensive battery of tests and then tests will be performed on a periodic and on-going basis to monitor progress.  Patients who choose this program pay out of pocket for the program in advance. They are responsible for all insurance billing as well. This program is available for those willing to do what it takes to reach optimal health outside of the insurance model of “health care.”

NCHRA Provider Link

The Redwood Clinic has been a Provider and proud member of the Northern California Human Resources Association. Dr. Sordean had a presentation before the NCHRA on December 3, 2008 entitled “Reduce Workers Comp Costs While Increasing Workers Health.”