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Stress and Managing Stress

Stress and Managing Stress

Dr. Jay Sordean talking about Stress and Managing Stress on KREM2 Spokane with Rose Beltz, Health News Reporter.

Stress and Stress Management, Because Stress is Pervasive

Stress is a response to external and internal changes in our environment and how we perceive of it.

We both react and respond to stressful situations.

“Reaction” is more automatic and unconscious.

“Response” is more mediated, less automatic, and tempered by conscious and learned beliefs and behaviors. Response modifies and can reduce a severe stress reaction like panic attacks.

There are several types of stress response and reactions:
• Mental
• Emotional
• Physical
• Spiritual
• Energetic

The deepest basis for our bodily reactions and responses to external and internal changes is our need to survive.

It is both our individual survival and our survival as a family, tribe, and species that drives stress behavior.

The survival stress reaction is called the “Fight or Flight” response. This is deeply seated in our survival brain and is body based. Strong hormones surge through the body and effect breathing, heart rate, digestion, thinking, emotions.

The most common stressors, according to statistics, are:
• Death of a loved one
• Divorce
• Loss of a job
• Increase in financial obligations
• Getting married
• Moving into a new home
• Chronic illness or injury
• Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)

Stressful, or even life-threatening situations include:
• Threat of physical harm
• Threat of freezing or of burning up
• Threat to our loved ones (children, parents, family, friends)
• Unhealthy living situation – like mold in a house
• Toxic relationships
• Changes in intimate relationships
• Divorce, break-up, infidelity
• Abusive relationships
• Toxic work environment (chemicals, people, activities)
• Negative self-talk

These are a few of the many solutions to help empower you to become stress-responsive versus simply stress-reactive

• Fixing up dangerous housing environment (mold abatement, getting rid of drug infested nuisance properties, reducing crime statistics with better job opportunities) (contact www.TwinHomeSolutions.com for help if you have bad homes in your neighborhood)
• Learning breathing exercises, visualization exercises, empowerment (like “fist pump”)
• Doing yoga, meditation, Tai Qi, Qi Gong (we can demonstrate that for you)
• Using BANK Code personality typing to communicate better with your loved ones or spouse (go to www.Four-Cards.com to get your free $97 value gift of a personality analysis from Dr. Jay)

Safe Water Filtration

Safe Water Filtration

Water is essential for life. Safe water is essential to promote health. Contaminated water can damage health in so many ways. Thus, it is important to make sure that the water you drink is not contaminated. Safe water filtration is the key. No matter where you live. And now more than ever.

I know, you are saying that you have a water filter. I applaud you for making that decision. But is your water filter actually filtering out everything it should, or is the filtering just cosmetic? Quite likely it is failing, because most do not pass muster with NSF standards. In fact, Multipure is the only one that passes for a combination of more than 8 problem ingredients put together. And your water might have all 8 (or more) at once.

Do you live in a place that ever has major national disasters? Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes? A safe water source is vital for emergencies. We even have those at multipure (http://www.multipureusa.com/redwoodclinic)  Multipure Independent Distributor ID: 432075

Winter is the WATER ELEMENT season in Chinese Medicine. So let’s look more in-depth into how to get your water really clean to promote excellent health.

Safe Water Treatment

Susan B. Koemen Donation Version of System

As you know, The Redwood Clinic has promoted the sale and use of Multipure filtration systems for more than 25 years. Because we believe they are doing what all filtration systems should do, and they are backed up by independent laboratory testing of contamination removal.

If you are a quick decision maker, just go to our online store and order your system now.


Are you a Safe Water Filtration GEEK? Here are the DETAILS!!

Multipure Drinking Water Systems utilize Multipure’s innovative and proprietary Solid Carbon Block-based filter. This filter employs multiple components and materials to reduce the presence of a wide variety of contaminants in water.

Mechanical Filtration: The water passes through a pre-filter that traps dirt, sand, and particles that affect the taste and overall appearance of the water. After passing through the pre-filter, the water then passes through the Solid Carbon Block, where particles as small as 0.5 microns are physically trapped by the filter. Asbestos, cysts, and particulates are reduced through mechanical filtration at the sub-micron level.

Electrokinetic Adsorption: The pre-filter acquires a positive molecular charge as water passes through it. Since most contaminants exhibit a negative charge in water, the filter fibers electrokinetically attract these negatively-charged particles onto the positively-charged filter surface. Generally, these particles are too small to be trapped by mechanical filtration.

Physiochemical Adsorption: The carbon block filter is a blend of selected activated carbons and other media that reduce aesthetic contaminants and health-related contaminants by adsorbing particles to its surface. Because the carbon block is densely compacted, it provides a longer contact time with the water, and thus, better performance than many other filtration technologies.

Nationally recognized standards established for the drinking water treatment industry confirm that the most effective systems for the removal of both aesthetic and harmful contaminants are those that utilize Solid Carbon Block filters. Multipure is the original developer of Solid Carbon Block technology and has been the leader and innovator in the water treatment industry since 1970. Multipure, and its remarkable Solid Carbon Block filter, is synonymous with superior quality and exceptional innovation. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you are guaranteed the best.

Multipure Independent Distributor ID: 432075

Adsorption vs. Absorption

Multipure filtration utilizes a process called adsorption. Adsorption differs from the more commonly known absorption; adsorption refers to the transfer of the particles of a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid onto a surface, while absorption refers to the incorporation of a solid, liquid or gas into another solid, liquid, or gas.

The Multipure filter uses adsorption to transfer contaminants onto the filter’s surface and remove it from the water stream. The water itself is temporarily absorbed by the filter material (much like a sponge absorbing water), but the contaminants are adsorbed to the filter surface, creating a layer on the surface as it is removed from the water stream.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems
The innovative Multipure design is certified, registered, and/or listed by:

•  NSF International
•  All states that regulate drinking water treatment devices
o  California Department of Health Services
o  Iowa Department of Public Health
o  State of Wisconsin – Bureau of Building Water Systems, Research & Products Review Unit