Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Are you sufferring with low back pain?  Maybe it is radiating down into the hip, or even down the leg.  The cause of the pain may be due to bone or disk compressing the nerve.  Or, it might just be muscle spasm and contraction.  There are many possible causes of back pain, and sometimes there are multiple causes combined in one person. It takes knowledge and experience to both sort out the causes and to determine the proper treatment plan.  We have extensive clinical experience with these problems, whether in the initial stages or chronic conditions that follow back surgery.  Let our successes work for you.  Allow us to help you understand what is going on in you individually.

Testimonial-RonLAcupuncture has allowed me to continue my active life (skiing, gardening, etc.) even though I broke my back as a teenager. I’m going on 70 and hate to think in what shape I might be had I followed my M.D.’s suggestion and had back surgery.” Ron L.


Testimonial-MyraP “Acupuncture really saved my life! I was terribly injured in a car accident with serious injuries. I was on a walker and unable to get out of bed. I began treatments full of hope and almost from the beginning began to feel better, stronger and encouraged. I surrendered to each and every needle.” Myra P.

“Acupuncture treatment for back pain.” Beverly Wilmot    View a Video Testimonial

“I used to drive across the Bay Bridge (Oakland – San Francisco) on a regular basis. In a three year span, I must have driven back and forth over it 1,000 times when I worked in the Richmond district in SF.  Loved my job, but not getting there and back. Pardon the pun, but the stress took a toll. I drove a stick shift at the time and started getting a shooting pain down my leg when I stepped on the clutch in traffic.  It would not go away so Shana Stiles suggested I try acupuncture despite the fact I’m afraid of needles. Nevertheless, I went to The Redwood Clinic three times and Dr. Jay Sordean fixed it. It was not what I thought it would be like and it didn’t hurt at all. It was relaxing and a relief.  It was nice to see him again at the Emeryville Chamber Healthy City Expo.”  Kathy Helt, from the Emeryville Connection “Lifestyle” section October 2009