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Acupuncture for Knee Pain

If you have knee pain you know how much it can limit your life. Movement is slowed, distances are reduced, sleep might be disturbed. Relationships suffer. There are many causes of knee pain – injury, stress, trauma. Inflammation, arthritis, bone to bone rubbing, muscle injury, nerve damage, meningeal compression, etc. — the cause (or causes) of the knee pain must be determined and then action can be taken.

Testimonial of Acupuncture for Knee pain

But sometimes it is a systemic problem that is causing the pain. Food allergies or sensitivities, autoimmune disorder, insufficient or improper nutrition, lack of omega-3 fatty acids, deficient vitamins or minerals, insufficient bone mass. Even joint infection by bacteria or virus. So many possibilities.

When we know the multiple causes we can prescribe a solution that works for you. Maybe it is not an instant relief. Surgery and medications are not that way either usually.

And most people are trying to avoid medications because of the side effects, like our example above. And well that we avoid medications because there are always risk trade-offs and the liver is always burdened more.

Prevention is really the best way to go. But you may already have the problem. At The Redwood Clinic we offer a comprehensive natural approach to addressing the fundamental causes.

Treatment requires a multifaceted approach that very few clinics around the world are using.  You’ve come to the place you need to really get a comprehensive evaluation and program of care that can augment or replace medications and surgical interventions.  Call us at 510-849-1176 to set up an appointment.