What is the BIG Deal about Diabetes?

Why should you care if your blood sugar is high? Or if your triglycerides or cholesterol are high? Well, do you know what the symptoms are of advanced diabetes?

If you have never been around someone who has advanced diabetes, you may not know how horrible it is for that person: how they feel and how they look. What their life turns into as a result of that disease.

Well, here it goes. Blindness. Amputation of feet and legs because gangrene sets in. Even trips to the dialysis center (or daily dialysis of your own blood) become necessary when your body’s ability to utilize and manage sugar is thrown out of balance.

As you know, your body produces and utilizes sugar (glucose) for the production of energy. The brain requires a constant supply of the right amount of glucose to operate properly. 24/7.

The way that your body controls the amount of sugar in the blood stream is a complicated coordination of many processes in your physical body. Many things influence the ability of the control “panel” to be regulated and healthy. There are many things that influence it in a positive way; there are also many that influence in a negative way.

Obesity and being overweight are risk factors in the development of and the movement of your body toward Type II diabetes. More than 1 in 4 children in the US is obese and headed towards diabetes. More than 80% of the US population is overweight or obese.

It costs HUGE amounts of money to treat people with end-stage diabetes. Eighty percent of health care costs go to 20% of the population with severe disease like diabetes. Employers’ medical costs are massively impacted by overweight and obese workers and their family’s health problems.

At The Redwood Clinic we have advanced solutions to reduce these risk factors for the development of diabetes. We help you avoid obesity or to return to more healthy body weight without the use of surgery, drugs, and dieting. We also have economical wellness programs for company-wide reductions in health problems and health care costs.