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Brain Function Enhancement

Enhance your Brain Function and Memory Naturally. Would you like to improve or optimize your brain function? Do you want to avoid brain degeneration, leading to memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even death? Brain function enhancement methods begin prior to conception. Yes, I said prior to conception. Then it progresses on from their.

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Obviously, you can’t physically go back in time to change your parent’s’ life (lives) at the time of conception. But, you can do things now to enhance your life from here forward.

Let’s first learn what the signs of dementia are, and then we can learn how to maximize your brain health for a better life (; the name of my book). Sign up here to watch my series of lectures to learn what the signs are and why you want to avoid dementia.

Here is the first video of a series related to one aspect of brain function enhancement and health. You can watch this next.  Brain Degeneration Introduction to_ Signs, Causes, Solutions

Then, buy my book for the answers to what you need to do to optimize brain health. For personalized attention and protocols, contact the office at 510-849-1176

Interview of Dr. Jay Sordean by Holly Headrick, Asheville, North Carolina Memorial Day, May 26, 2014

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