acupuncture stroke recovery

Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery, and Prevention of Strokes

Do you know of anyone who has suffered with a stroke? Have you taken care of someone with the after-effects of a stroke? If so, you know how serious this condition can be for the person and the caregivers.

The effects of a stroke can vary by individual – one might have an almost complete recovery of function or might be left with severe debility. Paralysis and decreased used of limbs, speech, memory, thinking, eye movement, etc. can occur to varying degrees. It is also possible to have multiple strokes, each becoming progressively worse.

Prevention is ideal. Protecting the integrity of the circulatory system, avoiding organ clots, protecting the meninges and correcting meningeal compressions with NRCT, proper nutrition, and other approaches need to be thought of early on.

After the stroke, the fastest one is able to get professional medical help the better the outcome, and Western emergency medicine is getting better at this. But you have to have rapid intervention.

Once the effects of the stroke are fully known, there are still interventions and approaches that can help a person recover function to the degree possible. In almost all cases, the use of acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, nutriceuticals, NRCT, exercises, meditation, and other traditional rehabilitation procedures need to be combined as soon as possible. Traditional rehabilitation procedures when done alone rarely produce the maximal improvement.

Everyone I speak to who has had these experiences wants to avoid Depressionthis condition if at all possible.

Take action now to avoid or at least lessen the chances of developing a stroke. Treatment is possible with some slowing of the progression when the condition is advanced.  But do you really want it to get to that point?

Prevention is really the best way to go.  It is time for you to take action now.  This is in spite of the fact that you may not think anything is changing.  Unfortunately, most people have less urgency to take action until the memory and other problems become more obvious.  By then, the intensity of treatment has to be stepped up. At The Redwood Clinic we offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the fundamental causes and a way to do early detection and prevention, as well as helping with functional improvement after the stroke has occurred.

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Interview of Dr. Jay Sordean by Victoria Spilabotte, Las Vegas May 31, 2014


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