Acupuncture Sciatica

Acupuncture sciatica — acupuncture treatment can be very helpful for sciatica whe done by an experienced practitioner like Dr. Sordean. The following is one of many reviews by patients about sciatica treated effectively with acupuncture by Dr. Jay Sordean, LAc, OMD, QME. Call the office now to get an appointment at +1-510-849-1176

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Jan 18, 2017 … I have had great results with Dr. Jay Sordean in Berkeley for my sciatica and my husband’s back problems. He is very experienced in …

Acupuncture Sciatica

Sciatica is often a term used to describe a type of back pain with radiation of pain down the leg, in the hip, or radiating down the leg and up into the back. Sciatica is a diagnosis commonly used to describe the symptoms and the cause of back pain. is a very common problem, so common that it’s one of the top reasons people seek medical care. Unfortunately, back pain isn’t always easy to diagnose or relieve. Low back pain in particular can become a chronic or ongoing problem. But not if you go to the right professional, like at The Redwood Clinic.

Acupuncture Sciatica is a very effective way to treat back pain naturally most of

Acupuncture Back pain relief

Acupuncture for Back Pain and Fibromyalgia

the time. Often results can be noticed within only the first couple treatments. In our treatment sessions, we work to relieve not only your symptoms, but also find and treat the underlying cause of your pain. Through acupuncture sciatica, we address both the pain and, should your circumstances allow it, your unique constitution. A course of acupuncture back pain treatment can provide long-term relief from back pain along with improvements in physical activity levels, quality of sleep, ability to cope with stress, reduced brain fog, better job performance and reduction or elimination of pain medication.

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Depending on the type of back pain you have and the root imbalances that contribute to it, your treatment may consist of acupuncture back pain treatments in combination with Chinese herbal therapy and other treatment techniques such as Neurologic Relief Center Technique.

I have worked with Dr. Jay for the past 25 years. I come in for back pain relief boosters every once in a while now. His treatment has allowed me to avoid surgery all that time.  The surgery would have put me out of commission for a long time.  Instead, I have been able to continue to work and enjoy life without interruption.  I highly recommend his professional skills and warm personality.”  Ron L.

Testimonial-Oliver“Our 3-year old son Oliver suffered from asthma whenever he got an upper respiratory virus before coming to see Dr. Jay. The pediatrician was recommending a daily steroid.  We decided to see Dr. Jay instead. Oliver received massage, homeopathy, and supplements, and has been seeing Dr. Jay for one year now. He’s had no asthma symptoms since starting at The Redwood Clinic.  And unlike visiting the pediatrician, he [Oliver] enjoys coming here! THANKS.” Oliver’s Mom & Dad
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