Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Brain Health is number one for health in general.  And brain health is vital for controlling and regulating all specifics of health.  After all, it is your brain that is reading this right now!

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Alma Via of San Rafael Benefit Talk for Alzheimer’s Association Part 1 – Part 3

Alma Via of San Rafael and Shirley McElhatten sponsored a benefit talk for the Alzheimer’s Association on Wednesday August 30, 2017. They invited Dr. Jay to speak about how to Maximize your BRAIN HEALTH based on his clinical experience, two bestselling books, and more than 20 appearances on local TV in his mission to prevent a million cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The lively and engaged attendees, as well as the amazingly beautiful and delicious buffet by the chef of Alma Via, made for a very successful event. You can still make donations to the Alzheimer’s Association through Alma Via of San Rafael – donator’s received a copy of one (or both) of Dr. Jay’s books on the brain and dementia. and Information about Alma Via of San Rafael is found at and by contacting Shirley at 415.491.1900 ext. 602.
Dr. Jay can be reached at

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Maximize Your Brain Health and Avoid Dementia

How your brain works in this respect is discussed also in Dr. Jay’s books related to helping you save your brain. They can be obtained here:

Maximize Your Brain Health

Acupuncture Expert in Portland Oregon

To order either of the bestselling books by Dr. Jay Sordean, go to:   and

For information about brain evaluation and treatments, and Dr. Jay’s “B.R.A.I.N. H.E.A.L.T.H. Program” go to

There are many resources Dr. Jay and The Redwood Clinic have to offer you for improving brain health and brain wealth.  These include the podcast interviews at where many of the interviews are related to brain health, how to avoid ending up in memory care communities, and the cost of brain degeneration to individuals and communities alike.

BANK Code for Relationships

BANK Code for Relationships

There are many types of information that are relevant to improve health. I apply them in clinical practice at The Redwood Clinic. I also apply them outside of the clinic walls. BANK Code for Relationships is one of those areas very few practitioners and healers are aware of, let alone using to help patients. Just like the specialized knowledge I have from NRCT practice, BANK Code for Relationships is a specialized area unique to The Redwood Clinic and highly helpful for all patients.

Please watch this video interview I gave recently in San Francisco talking about BANK Code for Relationships.

Probiotics: Still proven to help children and adults

Probiotics: Still proven to help children and adults

The proven benefits of Probiotics in children and adults is going on the front pages of the authoritative newspaper, the New York Times. The article is reiterating the well-known truism that good intestinal bacteria can help health. It is also a key component for counteracting malnutrition.

When born in the 50’s I was not told about this. I learned about it when I was traveling in my early 20s. Taking even brewer’s yeast tablets helped to prevent and lessen my bouts of diarrhea from travel (low-budget) in Asia. I believe and know that taking this form of probiotic saved my life.

Since then, as a natural medicine practitioner for decades, I have recommended specific strains to patients for particular conditions and for general health improvement. I take them myself and know from personal experience and scientific studies that probiotics give me a way to decrease any need for antibiotics. Purchase of the best strains of probiotics can be done through my online store at Feel free to call my office to see which particular strain offered online is more appropriate for your situation. Don’t think that a “cheaper” product is the same as the ones on that website because you always pay for the quality and safety. The potency of a probiotic varies by species, strain, and product.

Read here about what the New York Times is saying about probiotics in regions of poverty and poor nutrition

Probiotics: Still proven to help children and adults

Humans developed from creatures in the ocean. The interactions of various organisms over the past 5 billion years has led to our body. Included in our body are not only cells and organelles but also living species that work in cooperation with us. Most are in the intestinal tract. We need 70-75% minimum of them to be of the good variety to keep the bad, or pathogenic types, in control. This discussion is one I have been having with patients for the last 40 years, and it is good for this topic to come up again in mainstream journalism.

I also recently read that McDonalds is cutting back on human antibiotics used in their chicken farms. This is related to probiotics because whenever you take an antibiotic you MUST follow with probiotics of the right types and strains. Again, you can get the right ones by going online to

East Bay Water – Cancer Causing Contaminants

East Bay Water – Cancer Causing Contaminants

East Bay Water has cancer causing contaminants at higher levels than usual. There are many reports in newspapers and television that you can read to verify this.

Now this is not anything new really. East Bay Water has had cancer causing contaminants in it for years. Although the EPA has set guidelines for the amount of these contaminants that are allowable, it is best to avoid them completely. You would agree with this, wouldn’t you?

It reminds me of a patient I had many years ago. His profession was that of a “fire-eater.” He used to light torches on fire and swallow them. He would also blow fire from his mouth. He would use a combination of kerosene and other chemicals to create the flames. Why did he come in for help? He had chronic digestive problems.

Now he deliberately exposed himself to large amounts of chemical that are not to be consumed. This was to make a living. At the same time, actually consuming ANY of those is not a good idea.

East Bay Water - Cancer Causing Contaminants

Susan B. Koemen Donation Version of System

So if you can consume even less contaminants than the EPA says is acceptible that is preferable. Multipure filtration systems give you that option. Multipure filtration systems are independently tested and proven to remove 99.9% of a long list of toxins. No other system in its class can legitimately claim this.

If you want an article about the removal of toxins by Multipure filtration systems click HERE.Multipure water contaminants removal text

East Bay Water – Cancer Causing Contaminants

I highly recommend, as a doctor and preventative medicine oriented practitioner, that you get and use the Multipure filtration system that suits your situation best. Th
is recommendation has been one of the cornerstones of my practice and the advice at The Redwood Clinic for 30 years.

We have numerous other articles on this website and on our youtube channel about this as well. Take the time now to go online and order your system. Call us at 510-849-1176 to ask any questions you may have about the system you may need. We are here to support your health and vitality in whatever way we can.

Breast Cancer Estrogen Mimicers – Causation

Breast Cancer Caused by Estrogen Mimicers

Chemical Triggers Breast Cancer

by guest author, Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S

A new study reveals that chemicals found in cleaning materials, textiles, plastics, paper and some personal-care products can trigger breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Estrogen mimicersAccording to the senior author of the study, William Baldwin, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso, the chemical called 4-nonylphenol binds to estrogen receptors in breast tissue which increases the risk for breast cancer.

Part of the problem is that the chemical, which mimics estrogen, may last longer in the body than natural estrogen. That is when breast cancer is caused by estrogen mimicers.

Breast Cancer Estrogen Mimicers

How the Study was Conducted

Baldwin and his team compared the effects of giving differing doses of the chemical, 4-nonylphenol and estrogen to mice. When they followed mice genetically engineered to readily develop breast cancer over 32 weeks, many of those given 4-NP developed breast cancer while those given equivalent doses of estrogen did not.

Baldwin and other experts estimate that established risk factors such as aging, early onset of periods, late menopause, delayed childbearing and genetics explain only about 25 percent to 50 percent of breast cancers, and that environmental exposure plays a big role.

We can now test for this environmental toxin through a test called Toxic Element Core from Genova Diagnostics.

The good news is you can modify and reduce this toxic chemical. I recommend consulting us as we are experts in functional medicine. We have the training and knowledge to help one reduce this environmental toxin.

Here’s the bottom line. Many chemicals in the environment are harmful for your body. Many of them look like hormones that perform important jobs in your body, and when they enter the body they go to the place in the body that they can match up to. This matching up is like the effects of a hormone on the organ. However, often that chemical stays matched up longer than the normal hormone might. Thus, there is too much hormone effect caused and thus cell proliferation can occur.

Cancer is cell proliferation that has gone out of control.

If you think that this might be going on for you, this is a great time to call us at 510-849-1176 to investigate further.

This article is compliments of the Functional Medicine University. If you are interested in a course in Functional Medicine, please use the following link to inquire about FMU’s program. I want information about FMUs program.
An additional post in this blog is here.
Dr. Jay also produced a series of videos talking about estrogen metabolism. The first video is here.

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors basketball team coach, is sidelined due to back pain. Maybe he didn’t know about Acupuncture for Back Pain in Berkeley San Francisco at The Redwood Clinic. In the EAST BAY TIMES today Steve Kerr is quoted as saying “It’s just discomfort and pain and it’s no fun. And I can tell you if you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem stay away from back surgery.” Dr. Jay Sordean has been helping patients avoid back surgery with his comprehensive evaluations and treatments based on more than 33 years clinical experience. In fact, many of his patient avoided surgery that was suggested more than 20 years ago and they are still going strong. Their testimonials are found in various places on this website.

Acupuncture Back Pain Berkeley San Francisco

What makes acupuncture for back pain so effective at The Redwood Clinic? First of all, it starts with a thorough history and examination. Many other offices and insurance plans allow only enough time for a cursory review. And, many others do not have the expertise to evaluate back pain problems properly. Especially when the dictates of payment schedules give a doctor no more than a couple of minutes to do the exam. Sorry, but so much is missed with the simplistic exams many offices do because they lack the thorough training and expertise that Dr. Jay has. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is true. There are so many reasons for back pain to occur, and to simply say it is a “bladder meridian” problem is a short change and is almost as symbolic as simply labelling the back pain as “sciatica.” Dr. Jay goes into greater discussion on some of the major causes in his introduction to acupuncture and back pain lecture found on youtube.
B= Blood circulation enhancement to speed up healing
A=activate the body’s own natural pain chemicals like endorphens and enkephalins,
C=Controlling the inflammatory response
K= Kicking dependence on opioid medication use

Acupuncture Low Back Pain Berkeley Oakland San Francisco

Acupuncture Low Back Pain Berkeley Oakland San Francisco

A recent newsletter from a my respected Chiropractic colleague, Dr. Rob Davison, noted a physician report on guidelines for treating low back pain. Of course, at The Redwood Clinic, Dr. Jay has treated patients with low back pain for decades successfully. What does the American College of Physicians say about their guidelines on Acupuncture Low Back Pain Berkeley Oakland San Francisco.

Acupuncture Low Back Pain BerkeleyFor Low Back Pain, the ACP Recommends Drug-Free Treatments First
The American College of Physicians (ACP) recently released brand-new guidelines regarding treatment for low back pain. The Annals of Internal Medicine published the ACP’s updated guidelines, which are based on a “systematic review of the evidence.” This means that a variety of studies were reviewed that examined the effectiveness of both non-drug and drug-based low back pain treatments. Overwhelmingly, non-drug treatments came out ahead. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) fully backs these new recommendations, as chiropractic champions treatments without drugs and conservative approaches to back pain.

Acupuncture Low Back Pain Berkeley Oakland San Francisco

Likewise, the guidelines recommend trying treatments like acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, and others for relief. If these don’t work, then patients can try treatments like muscle relaxants or over-the-counter pain medication, like ibuprofen. For patients who still have pain after trying all of the above, prescription drugs like opioids should only be used as a final measure. The reason is that opioids are notorious for being highly addictive and come with a risk of overdose – negatives which make them highly undesirable and to be used in extreme cases as a last resort option. As the ACA notes, the ACP’s guidelines push the current in the right direction, as chiropractic has been proven effective for a wide array of bodily pain. Common treatments include spinal manipulation, physical therapy, and a combination of healthy diet and lifestyle changes
Source: American Chiropractic Association, online Feb 14, 2017.
Copyright: LLC 2017

Source: April 2017 Health Newsletter

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Brain Hacking – Cell Phone Addiction – A Real Thing

Brain Hacking – Cell Phone Addiction – Learn More NOW

Brain Hacking – Cell Phone Addiction. We all know it exists. We see it everyday walking down the street on the sidewalk, down the halls of school, in the classroom, on the trains, even in cars and at the dinner table.

A recent program on 60 Minutes called “BRAIN HACKING” was fascinating and went into detail about cell phone addiction. The point that the expert insiders from Google and other tech app creators make is this: in order to get you to buy more

Brain Hacking - Cell Phone Addiction

Acupuncture Expert in Portland Oregon

product, the cell phone programmers, and the intenet platform programmers and companies, deliberately program their applications to keep you watching the screen. Keeping you wanting to get more likes, to get more “rewards” of various types. On the free platforms, like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., you don’t pay to use them. On the other hand, nothing is free really. Someone is paying the salaries, the electricity and the servers, the bonuses of everyone working there. Who? Advertisers. (And stock holders, venture capitalists, and other early investors). But largely, the internet platform and application companies make their money on advertisements. They need your eyes on their ads and your impulse buying to make a profit.

So, the longer they can keep you looking, the more ads you will see and the more revenue they make

Brain Hacking – Cell Phone Addiction – A Real Thing

What caught my attention was the statement “going lower on the brain stem” as a strategy for addicting viewers. The brilliant minds in Silicon Valley use their knowledge of how the brain works to create compulsion to check your cell phone apps often. Very often.

What is this “lower on the brain stem” thing? Well, in my book “Super Brain: Maximize your Brain Health for a Better Life” http://www.SuperBrain-Brain Hacking - Cell Phone we discuss the way your brain works in Chapter 2, page 27-51. The more you know about how your brain works the more you can know consciously when you are being addicted and how.

I suggest watching the 60 minute segment and reading my book. The addiction state is related to stress induction.

Stress, especially chronic stress, is bad for your body and your brain.

Preserve your brain and body. Shut off your cell phone more often!



PTSD and NRCT may have a strong connection. This is something I have been stating for years since I first became trained in NRCT.

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. NRCT stands for Neurologic Relief Center Technique.

CTE - Chronic Traumatic EncephalopathyAn example of one of the causes of PTSD is participating in battles and war. Numerous soldiers return with PTSD and many of them take a long time to get a diagnosis because they are in denial or the military will not come up with the diagnosis of PTSD.

When I first learned of the concussion effects of explosions

Detoxification and Brain Care

Dr. Jay on Chicago TV

I immediately thought of the impact they would have on the meninges. The meninges surround the brain and the spinal cord and are the protective barrier surrounding them like a wet suit on a scuba diver. Explosion concussion waves effect the entire body — the meninges and the nervous system especially. However, all of the muscles and other organs are impacted as well. We are talking about an explosion that does not actually cause some bleeding or loss of limbs. Those, of course, are even more traumatic.

There is a discussion of PTSD and war this week on PBS.

WAR on the BRAIN a series on Public Broadcasting System. You can learn more about that series by going to this link.

I have discussed meningeal compression and NRCT extensively in my two books on the brain. These are also discussed on pages in this website.

Upper Extremity Pain and Numbness: NRCT Treatment at Berkeley Acupuncture, Jay Sordean

Dr. Jay’s Winter Season talk at EBAR BNI: Stress Trauma Toxicity: Acupuncture/NRCT in Berkeley

NRCT – Neurologic Relief Center Technique

Post Concussion Syndrome / Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

NRCT-FAQs Neurologic Relief Center Technique Facts

Alzheimer’s blueberries antioxidants

Alzheimer’s blueberries antioxidants

Dr Jay’s mission is to prevent a million cases of Alzheimer’s. This is why he has written two books on the subject, given numerous community talks on the subject, has appeared as an expert on TV news on this subject, and has a webinar you can register for at This article is the latest that supports what he has been saying and teaching for the last decade. Register and participate in his webinar and Alzheimer's blueberries antioxidantsread this article. What do  Alzheimer’s blueberries antioxidants have in common. Read this article and see.

“A Ray of Hope Amid Grim Statistics for Alzheimer’s Disease”.

Alzheimer’s blueberries antioxidant. Few diagnoses incite as much fear and helplessness as one of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). And it’s easy to understand why. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, AD is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, and the fifth-leading cause of death for people over age 65. Moreover, it’s “the only disease among the top 10 causes of death in America that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed.” (Although there is promising work that suggests otherwise.) While mortality from many other conditions—such as heart disease, AIDS, and certain forms of cancer—has decreased, mortality from this most dreaded form of neurodegeneration has increased. In fact, the BBC recently reported that dementia, including Alzheimer’s, has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales.

In 2015, more than 61,000 people died of dementia in England and Wales, accounting for 11.6% of all recorded deaths. Women are afflicted by AD more than men, and this is reflected in the statistics: of the 61,000 deaths from dementia, 41,283 were women (about 67%), compared to 20,403 men (33%). Dementia as a category, including Alzheimer’s, accounted for 15.2% of all female deaths, up from 13.4% in 2014. For men in England and Wales, however, heart disease remained the leading cause of death in 2015. (The most common cause of death overall was all types of cancer, taken as a group.)

The numbers are no less grim in the U.S. More than 5 million people are currently living with AD, with projections for this to reach a staggering 13.8 million people by 2050. Of the 5.4 million Americans with AD, an estimated 5.2 million people are age 65 or older, and about 200,000 are under age 65, having been diagnosed with “early onset” Alzheimer’s. And this doesn’t account for the potentially millions who are undiagnosed but may be living with the signs and symptoms of the condition. Right now, one in nine people age 65 or older has Alzheimer’s, and in the absence of a miracle medical breakthrough, by mid-century, someone in the U.S. will be diagnosed with AD every 33 seconds.